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Key Policy Pledges

Our Manifesto

Although Brexit dominates the political scene, questions and issues pertaining to British Muslims are also important. This manifesto highlights these issues, including those of integration, identity, belonging, counter-terror, hate-crime, discrimination, media representation, and human rights.

MEND works to promote greater Muslim engagement at all levels in our democracy. This manifesto is our contribution to furthering the social, civic, economic, and political participation of British Muslims in UK society.

Read full manifesto

What Matters To British Muslims

Individual Policy Pledges

Policy Area 1: Racial and Religious Equality

MEND urges the UK Government to adopt the definition of Islamophobia produced by the APPG for British Muslims: “... Read more

Policy Area 2: Youth and Education

Islamophobia in the education system impacts Muslim children and their development in a wide variety of ways. Fr... Read more

Policy Area 3: The Labour Market

Studies have shown that Muslims encounter discrimination at all levels of recruitment, retainment and progressio... Read more

Policy Area 4: Media and Broadcasting

Studies have also shown that, with 21 negative references to Muslims within the British press for every single n... Read more

Policy Area 5: Crime, Policing, and the Criminal Justice System

Over the past decade, the number of Muslims in prison increased by over 48%, with Muslims now constituting 15% o... Read more

Policy Area 6: Security and Counter-Terror

MEND calls on political parties to commit to independently reviewing all counter-terrorism legislation enacted s... Read more

Policy Area 7: Political Engagement

While data shows a growing trend of Muslim engagement in the field of politics, there remain significant challen... Read more

Policy Area 8: Minority Rights and Integration

Despite the protections afforded by the ICCPR, the ECHR, and the Human Rights Act, recent years have witnessed p... Read more

Policy Area 9: Adopt the APPG definition on Islamophobia

Policy Pledges:
  1. Commit to adopting the definition of Islamo... Read more

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