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Key Policy Pledges

Our Manifesto

There are so many policies which matter to British Muslims including tackling Islamophobia on the street, in the playground and across society at large, discrimination against Muslims in the workplace and media negativity by the right-wing press which requires urgent and effective regulation.

It is also vital in our democracy to preserve Halaal Meat, the right to wear Niqab and Hijab to name a few key rights.

Our manifesto below comprehensively covers our concerns and the video neatly summarises them in just 3 minutes!

Read full manifesto

What Matters To British Muslims

Individual Policy Pledges

Policy Area 1: Counter-Terrorism and Civil Liberties

The Government has continued to implement legislation that disproportionately affects Muslim communities and con... Read more

Policy Area 2: Islamophobia and racial/religious equality

The Race and Religious Hatred Act 2006 is ineffective and unfit for purpose. Indeed, current legislation that en... Read more

Policy Area 3: Minority Rights

In recent years, lobbyists, Islamophobes and some right-wing media outlets have tried to curb Muslim rights such... Read more

Policy Area 4: Muslim youth and education

The Muslim population in Britain has a very young demographic profile, with 33% of Muslims in Britain aged 15 or... Read more

Policy Area 5: Employment and labour market participation

Young British Muslims will have accounted for one quarter of the growth in the UK’s working age population betwe... Read more

Policy Area 6: Media negativity and community integration

Studies by Lancaster University and Cardiff University demonstrate the extraordinary level of prejudice Muslims ... Read more

Policy Area 7: Crime and policing

The disproportionate use of Stop and Search and Schedule 7 powers on minority communities continues to demonstra... Read more

Policy Area 8: International affairs and human rights promotion abroad

Regarding Britain’s foreign and international policies, Muslim countries have consistently been in the spotlight... Read more

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