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Policy Area 3: Minority Rights


In recent years, lobbyists, Islamophobes and some right-wing media outlets have tried to curb Muslim rights such as halal meat, Shariah wills and the wearing of the niqab.

The topic of halal slaughter is but one example of how hysteria is fuelled by some of these media outlets. While attention within these debates is focused almost exclusively on halal practices, issues that affect the wider meat industry are routinely overlooked.

Living in a democracy, mutual respect and tolerance is key – regardless of our own personal views regarding the practices of others. The irony, of course, being that Muslims are frequently accused of being intolerant of others.

Particularly in light of Brexit negotiations, the future of the UK’s human rights commitments are unclear, and there is no current blueprint for the proposed British Bill of Rights. This has left many Muslims feeling insecure and worried about the security of their basic human rights.

Policy Pledges:

  1. Commit to preserving the Human Rights Act and the protection of minority rights, including rights to religious slaughter, male circumcision and wearing of religious dress or symbols.
  2. Commit to supporting the growth of the shari’ah compliant financial services industry and product development.
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