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Parliament must act to curb genocide

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Why Vote

There are many reasons why you should vote. Here are some:

  • It is your democratic right to vote. Exercise it. Remember it is a right denied to millions of individuals around the world.
  • Voting gives you the power to create change – e.g. if you believe that the Press unfairly targets Muslims, then vote for politicians who will enact the legislation to make the Press change their behaviour.
  • Voting gives you the power to preserve your Human Rights to practice your faith, so if you want to keep the right to wear hijab, send your children to faith schools and eat halal meat etc. then you need to vote for politicians who will stand up for these rights.
  • Hold your political representatives accountable. They represent you. Only by voting can you can ensure that people who represent your interests are elected.

What Matters To British Muslims


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