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Policy Area 7: Crime and policing


The disproportionate use of Stop and Search and Schedule 7 powers on minority communities continues to demonstrate their impact. Although welcome steps have been made in both areas, further work is required to ensure racial and religious stereotyping is prevented.

By 2002, the ratio of Black to White stops had reached 8 to 1, while figures published by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission in separate reports in 2010 and 2013 found that this ratio continues to be unacceptably high. Similar findings were seen in 2015/16, with those from BME groups being three times more likely to be stopped and searched than their white counterparts. Furthermore, figures showed that just 16% of stops led to an arrest, with 76% of stops resulting in “no further action”.

Furthermore, while the representation of minority communities within the police force has improved, the overall representation still remains low and short of the current targets. Moreover, there is an urgent need to tackle the continuing growth in Muslim prisoner numbers. In April 2017, it was revealed that Muslims constitute 15.2% of the prison population, despite representing only 4% of the general population over the age of 15.


  1. Commit to improving BME recruitment to the police service, including through the use of affirmative action measures.
  2. Commit to tackling the high number of Muslim prisoners through schemes to facilitate rehabilitation, cut re-offending and develop pathways for social inclusion.
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