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Policy Area 5: Employment and labour market participation


Young British Muslims will have accounted for one quarter of the growth in the UK’s working age population between 2008 and 2018. Despite this, Muslims experience a significant level of disadvantage in the labour market.

Studies have shown that Muslims are paid between 13-21% less than their Christian counterparts. Simultaneously, there is evidence that CVs submitted under a non-Muslim name are three times more likely to solicit an offer for interview than those with a Muslim name attached. Furthermore, a survey conducted by MEND, involving over 1,000 people, discovered that around two thirds of Muslim women feel that they have been treated differently due to wearing a hijab.

Muslims were more likely to report discrimination than any other religious group. They are also frequently victims of frustrated ambitions as they are under-represented in the higher positions within their professions. A Demos report ‘Rising to the Top’ in 2015 revealed that ‘British Muslims were less proportionately represented in the managerial and professional occupations than any other religious group’.


  1. Commit to tackling religious discrimination in the workplace and address the low level of economic activity among Muslims through targeted interventions at all stages of recruitment, retention and promotion, and improving access to employment for British Muslim women in particular.
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