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Past Event Articles

MEND Preston Volunteering Inductions

On Wednesday 24th March, we conducted an induction for volunteers in Preston following a drive in the local area. During the induction, we went through MEND as an organisation and its differing functions that work together to tackle Islamophobia in the UK. We provided attendees with an overview of...

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Community Talk: Race Report

On Friday 4th April, MEND Preston was invited on to ‘Community Talk’, hosted by a local community group called Deepdale Community Association. The aim of this conversation was to discuss the Race Report that was published by the government and to highlight how minority communities in the...

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GET OUT AND VOTE: Lancs PCC Elections (Clive Grunshaw)

Prior to the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections on Thursday 6th May, we spoke to Clive Grunshaw, incumbent Labour candidate for Lancs PCC, about his priorities and plans should he be elected. This conversation was held in partnership with Deepdale Community Association. During...

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Scottish National Leaders Hustings: The Muslim Perspective

As part of Scotland’s GOAV (Get Out And Vote) campaign we organised a host of husting events across the whole of Scotland. These culminated in a national husting event on Thursday 15th April with all party leaders for the main five political parties in Scotland. Each event was organised with...

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GOAV: How, Where, When and Why

Elections mean nothing if we don’t actually take part and this is why on a Sunday afternoon at the start of spring, Al-Masaar, in partnership with MEND, live-streamed “Your Voice Matters”. A webinar looking at the why’s, when’s, how’s and where’s of voting. The event which...

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Get out and Vote: Scotland MEND regional hustings

In Scotland, we are gearing up for the Holyrood 2021 elections which will take place on 6th May 2021. In preparation for these elections MEND Scotland is in full swing in our GOAV (Get Out and Vote) campaign. As part of GOAV we have been meeting with election candidates from all major Scottish...

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MEND Leicestershire: GET OUT AND VOTE 2021 with Radioseerah

Importance of going out and voting Imran Abdullah, a volunteer with MEND for the politics team, attended an interview session with Radio Seerah to discuss the importance of voting emphasizing the need for Muslims to become much more active in their local elections. Imran introduced the Get Out...

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