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IAM2017 Exhibition at Whittington Hospital

IAM2017 Exhibition at Whittington Hospital

Categories: Past Event Articles

Wednesday December 20 2017

The Central London Working Group kicked off their campaign for Islamophobia Awareness Month 2017 with their first event taking place at Whittington Hospital. Situated in North London, Whittington Hospital is an iconic institution for the area and the local residents. 

This was the first time the Working Group aimed to display the exhibition outside the walls of a university campus and as a result managed to do so successfully. 

The exhibition was displayed on Saturday the 4th of November from morning up until the evening. The exhibition was located a floor directly above the main reception. Such an area inside the hospital enabled the exhibition to not only be visible to people from the floor underneath, but was clearly visible to staff and visitors passing by. As the picture for this event shows, there was enough room for people to comfortably read through the content of the exhibition, without it getting in the way of people passing by.  

The exhibition had a special significance to the hospital, with a section of the exhibition highlighting the contributions Muslims make to the National Health Service. By the Grace and Help of Allah, the event was a great success as not only was the venue novel, but the content was presented to a wider and public audience.


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