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Empowering conversation: Welsh Muslim of Impact panel event

Empowering conversation: Welsh Muslim of Impact panel event

Categories: Past Event Articles

Tuesday December 12 2023

In a picturesque yurt nestled within the enchanting Paradise Garden, the “Welsh Muslim Women of Impact” event unfolded as a celebration of strength, resilience, and the power of sisterhood. The gathering brought together 20 inspiring women from diverse backgrounds, creating an atmosphere of warmth and empowerment that resonated long after the last Malaysian chai was sipped.
The setting was as captivating as the stories shared within its confines. The soft glow of fairy lights illuminated the yurt, creating an intimate space where women could connect and support one another. As the event unfolded, the threads of sisterhood were woven through the sharing of life lessons and personal narratives.

Saadia Speaks, a prominent speaker, emphasized the importance of stepping into uncomfortable spaces. Drawing from her own experiences navigating public spaces adorned with a face veil, she urged attendees not to shy away from unfamiliar territory. Saadia highlighted that it is in these very spaces that perceptions of visibly Muslim women can be reshaped, challenging stereotypes and fostering understanding.

Shazia Ali, a beacon in community journalism, underscored the pivotal role of storytelling in community empowerment. She passionately spoke about the significance of local projects, encouraging future generations to engage in proactive journalism. Shazia’s words resonated with the audience, inspiring them to consider careers in community activism and journalism, recognizing the transformative impact of sharing their unique stories with the world.

Sharifah, a strong advocate, cemented the message through her journey to activism that we all share similar wants when it comes to social justice and unsurprisingly are motivated for the same reasons. For instance, to secure better futures for our children or because we all just want to get along and achieve or dreams.

The event culminated in a networking session, where the women present not only expressed their appreciation for one another but also forged meaningful connections. This session became a testament to the power of solidarity, as women from various walks of life discovered common ground and shared their perspectives on the event’s themes.

A massive thank you to the panellists who were eager to inspire the community and to everyone involved in curating this event, chaired by MEND.

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