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Cardiff Muslim High School MEND Islamophobia workshop

Cardiff Muslim High School MEND Islamophobia workshop

Categories: Past Event Articles

Tuesday December 12 2023

In honor of Islamophobia Awareness Month, Cardiff Muslim High School organised a series of workshops for their years 6s, 7s, and 8s. They invited MEND to deliver a workshop that aimed to equip students with a deeper understanding of how to facilitate conversations with the wider society around their faith, principles of equality, and identifying behaviours that should be held accountable in their lives.

The workshop was cantered around giving students address the current misconceptions around Muslims and how we can ultimately tackle this. The interactive sessions not only educated the students about the history of Muslims in the UK or challenges faced but encourages them to self reflect on their definition of islamophobia and how it manifests.

The workshops were met with enthusiasm from the students, who were not only eager to learn but also brimming with insightful ideas on combatting prejudice. Their active participation and thoughtful contributions showcased their genuine interest in fostering a more inclusive society. The workshops culminated with a Tree of Kindness worksheet provided by Islamophobia Awareness Month, encouraging students to reflect on the lessons learned and brainstorm ways to promote kindness in their daily lives.

The students left the workshops with a deeper understanding on open dialogue, a heightened awareness of the consequences of Islamophobia, and a commitment to championing kindness and inclusivity within society. The success of these workshops underscores the importance of education in combating prejudice and fostering a culture of empathy and understanding.

Thank you Cardiff Muslim High School for hosting us!

To volunteer with us, please visit: https://www.mend.org.uk/get-involved/volunteer/

To request a similar workshop at your school in Wales please email; [email protected]


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