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Adopt the Definition campaign Scotland

Adopt the Definition campaign Scotland

Categories: Past Event Articles

Wednesday June 29 2022

Across the UK MEND has been promoting a campaign requesting all councils to adopt the APPG definition of Islamophobia. The campaign in Scotland has been going well with not only councils adopting but also political parties and religious bodies getting behind the campaign.

So, what has been happening and who has MEND been working with to adopt the definition:

Political parties

  • Scottish National Party confirmed in their 2022 Council Manifesto that all SNP councils would adopt the definition
  • Scottish Labour Party confirmed that all Labour councils would adopt the definition
  • Scottish Liberal Democrats confirmed that all Lib Dem councils would adopt the definition. Alex Cole-Hamilton leader of Scottish Liberal Democrats brought a motion in the Scottish Parliament calling for all Scottish Councils to adopt the definition and guidance notes.


  • 3 councils have adopted the definition
    • West Lothian
    • Moray council
    • East Ayrshire council
  • Many councils are working on adopting the definition, which councils like Dundee City Council working on how they can ensure that adoption is not the end point but the start of tackling the issue, including
    • Looking at marking Islamophobia Awareness Month
    • Looking at training within the council
    • Looking at new MEND school training materials and how they can engage in them moving forward

Religious Bodies

  • The Church of Scotland Adopted the APPG definition in their 2022 General Assembly.
    • “It would be an important act of offering solidarity to the Muslim community which is dealing with this issue on a number of fronts, from the UK government to the streets of our cities and towns.” From Church of Scotland General Assembly Report 2022.

On all fronts in Scotland, the campaign is moving forward and we hope by the end of the year all 32 councils in Scotland will have adopted the definition, along with wider organisations and political parties.



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