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Yorkshire Mosques give their thanks to the NHS!

Yorkshire Mosques give their thanks to the NHS!

Categories: Past Event Articles

Monday July 20 2020

Mosques in Yorkshire have joined others around the country in expressing their gratitude and appreciation of the NHS using blue banners. The banners read “THANK YOU! To all the dedicated frontline staff & key workers for your service!” followed by verse 32 from chapter 5 of the Qur’an “Whosoever saves the life of one, it will be as if he has saved the life of all mankind….”.

During this difficult time posed by COVID-19, the whole country is indebted to the heroes of the NHS, many of whom have risked their own safety to protect the wider British public.

We will always keep the memory of those who lost their lives on the frontline, including those who were members of our Muslim community: Dr Habib Zaidi a 76-year-old GP from Essex, Dr Adil El-Tayar a 63-year-old surgeon from London, Dr Amged El-Hawrani a 55-year-old ENT consultant from the Midlands, 68-year-old Dr Alfa Sa’adu who was an NHS doctor for nearly forty-years and nurse Areema Nasreen who was just 36-years-old, as well as many more. May Allah grant them all the highest rank of heaven and ease the struggles of their families.

The mosques which participated are:

  • Makki Masjid in Sheffield
  • Markazi Jamia Masjid Riza and Islamic Centre in Huddersfield
  • UKIM Iqra Centre in Leeds
  • The Lingfield Centre in Leeds
  • Leeds Grand Mosque


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