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Speakers Tour with Sheikh Sulaiman Moola: the Prophetic Response to navigating testing times

Speakers Tour with Sheikh Sulaiman Moola: the Prophetic Response to navigating testing times

Categories: Past Event Articles

Wednesday November 22 2023

Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) organised a thought-provoking 6-day speakers tour featuring esteemed South African Islamic Scholar Sheikh Sulaiman Moola. The tour, which took place from the 22nd to the 27th of September, centred around the theme “Testing Times – the Prophetic Response.”

This enlightening journey spanned across key cities in the United Kingdom, including London, Birmingham, Preston, Blackburn, Bradford, and Edinburgh. Each location became a stage for Sheikh Sulaiman Moola to impart his wisdom and insights on how the teachings of the Prophet can guide and inspire individuals facing challenges in today’s world.

Beyond the intellectual and spiritual nourishment provided by Sheikh Sulaiman Moola’s lectures, the tour also served a philanthropic purpose. Funds were raised to support MEND in carrying out its essential work. Attendees were not only enriched with spiritually uplifting reminders but were also encouraged to contribute to MEND’s initiatives, recognising the vital role the organisation plays in the community.

The audience, comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds, were captivated by Sheikh Sulaiman Moola’s eloquence and the relevance of the Prophetic response to the contemporary challenges faced by Muslims. The tour succeeded in fostering a sense of unity and solidarity among the communities in each city it touched.

As the tour unfolded, the importance of MEND’s work resonated strongly with the audience. Attendees were not merely spectators; they were active participants in supporting the organisation’s initiatives. MEND’s commitment to addressing the needs of the Muslim community was echoed in the call to action that concluded each event, reminding everyone of the ongoing relevance of the Prophetic response in navigating the challenges of our time.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the talks and off course the mosques who hosted us on the tour.


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