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Preston – Community Discussion 2022

Preston – Community Discussion 2022

Categories: Past Event Articles

Thursday June 16 2022

On Monday the 16th of May, Preston Working Group (WG) conducted its first in-person induction for volunteers in Preston since the end of COVID-19 restrictions.

Following developed interest and drive in the local area to engage and be part of the WG, the objective of the meeting was to revitalize, rejuvenate and empower our existing and new MEND volunteers for the coming year ahead.

The induction was organized systematically covering fundamental topics such as:

1. MEND as an organization in the U.K. & Abroad

2. Islamophobia in the U.K.

3. How volunteers can utilize their local opportunities to educate and empower themselves, and others and all-in-all contribute to fighting Islamaphobia.

4. Raising awareness about MEND

5. MEND in Preston

By volunteering with MEND, a community-funded organization, Muslim communities can increase their political, civic, and social engagement by effectively empowering Muslims to interact with political and media institutions.

Islamophobia will be tackled but we all need to tackle it together. Strength through unity, unity through faith.

Thanks to our new volunteers for attending and we look forward to working further with them all in Preston!

If you want to get involved in your locality, be sure to sign up at mend.org.uk/volunteer


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