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MEND Leicestershire: GET OUT AND VOTE 2021 with Radioseerah

MEND Leicestershire: GET OUT AND VOTE 2021 with  Radioseerah

Categories: Past Event Articles

Wednesday April 07 2021

Importance of going out and voting 

Imran Abdullah, a volunteer with MEND for the politics team, attended an interview session with Radio Seerah to discuss the importance of voting emphasizing the need for Muslims to become much more active in their local elections.

Imran introduced the Get Out And Vote campaign and the history of it highlighting the importance as it supports an otherwise marginalised community to interact with the political process. A recent study showed that over 40% of Muslims feel no party represents them well enough to support or prefer. This shows that political parties still have a long way to go to fully engage with Muslim communities.

Therefore, Get Out And Vote gives political parties and candidates the ability to meaningfully engage with these communities in order to understand the issues impacting those they seek to represent.

They also touched upon:

  • What is MEND?
  • Why do we need MEND?
  • What is Islamophobia ?
  • What positive actions can we take to tackle Islamophobia?

The show ended with a discussion about what MEND Leicester are doing locally for the upcoming Police Crime Commissioner elections.

To know more and get involved please email: [email protected]


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