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MEND islamophobia workshop with Cardiff Third Sector Council; IAM2023

MEND islamophobia workshop with Cardiff Third Sector Council; IAM2023

Categories: Past Event Articles

Tuesday December 12 2023

On November 28th, Cardiff Third Sector Council played host to a comprehensive MEND workshop, marking Islamophobia Awareness Month. The workshop delved into the perceptions surrounding the Muslim community, dissected the roots of Islamophobia, and engaged attendees in a powerful bystander exercise.

Participants were confronted with shocking manifestations of Islamophobia, along with disheartening statistics reflecting its prevalence in the UK. However, the workshop offered more than just awareness; attendees were heartened to discover tangible, individual actions to challenge media narratives and hold them accountable. The room was filled with people from all walks of life and it was validating to hear from other members of marginalised communities that our experiences and reactions are similar when looking at the concept of racism.

A key highlight was the emphasis on active engagement, encouraging attendees to become proactive bystanders in combating Islamophobia. The workshop underscored the importance of conducting listening exercises to formulate solutions that can overcome institutional barriers. By the end, participants left with a renewed sense of empowerment and a commitment to fostering positive change in their communities. The event stood as a beacon, inspiring collective efforts to dismantle stereotypes and foster inclusivity in the face of Islamophobia.

Massive thank you to CS3C for hosting MEND and giving feedback on your own experiences and insight when working with Muslim communities!

To request a similar workshop please contact; [email protected]


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