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#IAM2020 ATKINS Workplace Discrimination Webinar

#IAM2020 ATKINS Workplace Discrimination Webinar

Categories: Past Event Articles

Wednesday November 11 2020

When racism happens; it hurts, when homophobia happens; it hurts, when islamophobia happens it also hurts but there is also the new question of what actually it is.

One definition of islamophobia states that it is an exaggerated, irrational fear, hatred and hostility towards Islam and Muslims perpetuated by negative stereotypes resulting in bias, discrimination and marginalisation of Muslims from civic, social and political life.

November is Islamophobia awareness month and ATKINS a global engineering and project management consultancy, have actively gone out of their way to learn more about how they can tackle Islamophobia. On a Tuesday lunchtime 54 ATKINS employees joined an informative call with MEND to discuss workplace discrimination, in particular Islamophobia. Eyes and ears opened when a MEND volunteer raised awareness of the positive contributions of Muslims, which are unfortunately outweighed by far-right media narratives leading to a chain of attacks against Muslims whether it is verbally, physically and unfortunately even in forms of discrimination that seep into the workplace.

A member of the ATKINS team reminded us of the unity of Jews and Muslims from the word semite: a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs. MEND raised awareness of how colleagues in ATKINS can tackle islamophobia through education via working with the community.

The response from ATKINS was enlightening and it was heart-warming to know that a global company has taken steps forward on their diversity and inclusion outlook by continuing to work with MEND who seek justice and prevent hate.


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