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Celebrating Black Muslim History: MEND Event with Aston Uni ISOC

Celebrating Black Muslim History: MEND Event with Aston Uni ISOC

Categories: Past Event Articles

Wednesday November 22 2023

On Monday 16th of October, an event took place at Aston University to mark Black History Month. The event, organised by MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development) in collaboration with Aston University’s Islamic Society (ISOC), aimed to celebrate and educate attendees about the rich and often overlooked history of Black Muslims.

The theme of the event, “Black Muslims through History,” resonated deeply with the spirit of Black History Month, which is an annual observance dedicated to recognising the contributions and achievements of Black people throughout history. This event, however, added an essential layer to the conversation by highlighting the often underrepresented history of Black Muslims.

One of the key takeaways from the event was the acknowledgment of the diverse and influential contributions made by Black Muslims across different fields, such as literature, science, and social justice. Attendees learned about iconic figures like Bilal and Um Ayman – may Allah be pleased with them – and more contemporary figures like Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, who have played significant roles in shaping the history of Black Muslims.

The event also emphasized the importance of intersectionality within the Muslim community, recognizing the unique experiences and challenges faced by Black Muslims. It encouraged open and honest discussions about the need for solidarity and understanding among all Muslims, regardless of their racial or ethnic backgrounds

The event served as a powerful reminder that Black History Month is not just about acknowledging the past, but also about celebrating the present and shaping the future. It encouraged attendees to be more aware, empathetic, and proactive in promoting the inclusion and recognition of Black Muslims throughout history and within the broader Muslim community.


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