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Causes and Cures Worksop at AEW

Causes and Cures Worksop at AEW

Categories: Past Event Articles

Tuesday December 12 2023

16th November 2023

In a commendable initiative, AEW Architects opened its doors to awareness and understanding by hosting a Causes & Cures workshop in collaboration with MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development).

This enlightening event, part of AEW’s contributions to Islamophobia Awareness Month, brought together both staff and students for an engaging discussion on combatting prejudice. MEND, known for its insightful workshops, delivered a powerful session exploring the root causes of Islamophobia and effective strategies for fostering inclusivity.

The diverse audience at AEW Architects gained valuable insights, contributing to a more informed and empathetic community. We extend sincere thanks to AEW Architects for their proactive stance in addressing societal issues and providing a platform for crucial conversations. By actively participating in Islamophobia Awareness Month, AEW Architects showcases its commitment to creating an environment that values diversity and fosters understanding.

The Causes & Cures workshop not only empowered attendees with knowledge but also served as a reminder of the pivotal role organizations like AEW Architects play in building bridges and dismantling stereotypes. As we express our gratitude, we acknowledge the positive impact such collaborative efforts can have in creating a more inclusive society.


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