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Here at Wakefield MEND, our current aim is to engage with the wider community and show people just what Muslims are like. It is our belief to showcase the best we have to offer society and to show we do not all fit into the stereotypes that the media is often all too willing to portray. We want to show what it means to be British Muslim women in today’s world and we want to break down barriers to illustrate that all of us are really not that different. We aim to do this by organising various community events, where we talk about MEND over tea, cake and food.

As a working group we are one of the newer ones in the region and have only been set up for a short while, and in that time working as MEND volunteers, it has been a very uplifting and inspirational journey.

Being given the opportunity to help show Islam in its full beauty, is the most rewarding aspect of being a member of MEND. Within our group, we are constantly working together, to make sure the next step we take is going to have a positive reflection of our Muslim community.

We have organised several events already with a special focus on Muslim women and are already creating positive links with our wider communities. It’s never a dull moment being a member of such a worthwhile organisation, Alhamdulillah.


I am a Muslim, I won’t deny

I cherish the simple things in life,

Love and happiness and a trip to Deli Delight

My baby’s smile and the deep blue of a summer sky

A cup of tea and a good read – how time flies!


Yet why am I made to feel insecure

For the way I choose to look?

I cover up – does she have something to hide?

I wear the hijab – does she think she’s better than us?

I lower my gaze – maybe she’s shy?


What I wear is none of your concern

I do what I do for the All-Mighty

For He has decreed that I dress with modesty

I dress for me, for my comfort and ease,

Not for you or he or she,

Not for the sake of being trendy


Don’t judge me by ill-founded preconceptions

Do away with the filter of oppression

If you’re going to look at me,

See me as a human being,

Capable of compassion, of humanity


Inspired by a world mired in wonder and creativity

I project what I see onto the page before me

Muslim women living and breathing

Trying their best to just be


I hope I’ve clarified for your eyes

This portrait I tried to paint of a sister like me


Sadaf Bibi, Chair, Wakefield

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