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Action Alert: Complain to the BBC about Pro-Israeli Question Time Panel

Thursday October 12 2023

DEMAND impartiality and file a complaint with the BBC about tonight’s BBC Question Time’s one-sided pro-Israeli panel discussing Palestine. Panellists like Victoria Atkins (Conservative), Yvette Cooper (Labour), Sonia Sodhi (former Labour Advisor and pro-Trojan Horse), Piers Morgan (pro-Israeli journalist), and Jake Wallis Simons (Jewish Chronicle) undermine impartiality. Moreover, Jake Wallis Simons’ recent overt Islamophobic remarks are alarming. He should not be invited to appear on the BBC at all until he issues an apology.

ACT NOW by following the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: Click  Here to visit the site

Step 2: ‘What service are you contacting us about?’ Choose ‘iPlayer’

Step 3: ‘Where are you’? Choose ‘UK’

Step 4: ‘What do you want to do?’ Choose ‘Make a complaint’ and then press ‘Continue’

Step 5:  ‘How are you using BBC iPlayer?’ Choose one relevant to you

Step 6: ‘What do you need help with?’ Choose ‘Other’ and press ‘Continue’

Step 7:

  • For ‘Programme Title’, enter ‘BBC Question Time’.

  • For ‘Transmission Date’, enter ‘12/10/2023’.

  • For ‘Subject’, enter ‘Breach of section 4 and 5’.

  • For ‘Description’, copy and paste the below, or reword appropriately

Step 8: ‘Do you want a response to your contact?’ Choose ‘Yes’ and enter your details.

Step 9: Review and click ‘Submit’

Should the BBC fail to take action, the complaint should be escalated via Ofcom.

Tonight’s BBC Question Time panel set to discuss the ongoing situation in Israel and Palestine is unanimously pro-Israeli. The panel will consist of Victoria Atkins of the Conservative Party, Yvette Cooper of the Labour Party, former Labour adviser and proponent of the Trojan Horse hoax Sonia Sodhi, the well-known pro-Israeli journalist Piers Morgan, and Jake Wallis Simons from the Jewish Chronicle. Indeed, having such panellists completely disregards a nuanced and impartial discussion on the matter and contradicts Section 4 of Impartiality.

Moreover, the inclusion of Jake Wallis Simons in particular is deeply alarming, considering his overt Islamophobia. Jake Wallis Simons has recently tweeted, “We need to face reality: much of Muslim culture is in the grip of a death cult that sacralises bloodshed. Not all, but many Muslims are brainwashed by it. That is a big part of the problem”. Platforming an individual like Jake Wallis Simons, who is open about his Islamophobia, could further be seen as a breach of Section 5 on Harm and Offence.


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