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Challenge the hindutva inspired media reporting!

Tuesday September 13 2022

In the wake of community tensions in leicester, many indian based news channels that air in the UK were reporting on the matter in contravention of the OFCOM code (eg this ZeeNews report) This reporting is harmful and innaccurate, and will only create more tensions at a time when we need more sensitivity.

2 scenarios – 1 outcome: Complain to Ofcom

1. If you see Indian channels telling lies on this incident, and these channels are on British cable/sky/freeview etc then complain to OFCOM here quoting these sections of the code.

Section 2: harm and offence

  • The report will most likely be using offensive, Islamophobic, derogatory terms

Section 5: due impartiality and due accuracy

  • Reporting will most likely be inaccurate and will be made with an overt bias.

2. For the specific ZeeNews TV segment complain using the template below.

Programme title:
Zee News

Date of broadcast:

Time of broadcast (24 hour clock):

Channel / station:
Zee TV

Zee News Leicester incident report breaks ofcom code

The news channel for Zee TV (ZeeNews) - which is on sky channel 808 - broadcast a report following the recent incidents of community unrest in Leicester. The clip can be viewed ( https://www.instagram.com/tv/CiM9kQIs4Kf/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY%3D )

India Cricket fans from Leicester were recorded chanting 'racist and hateful' anti-Pakistan slogans (see https://twitter.com/tragicBud/status/1564213097904185345). They attacked police and a passer-by they thought was Pakistani (he was in fact a Sikh gentleman). This led to reprisal attacks a few days later where people and property were damaged.

The ZeeNews report broke the following sections of the code, namely:
1. Section 2: harm and offence
Lots of use of derogatory terms when referring to Pakistani/Muslim groups as “Kattarpanthi” meaning terrorists.
The report also states that police stood idly by when in fact the police were themselves attacked.

2. Section 5: Due impartiality and due accuracy
The report deliberately edited original footage which showed Indian fans attacking police and an attack on the Sikh gentlemen. This is to spread a false narrative that it was the non-India fans that were the cause of the troubles.

In a time when there is a need for sensitivity and calm due to heightened tension, ZeeNews – which is watched by tens of thousands of Hindi speakers in the UK – is putting out reports that are harmful, offence and inaccurate. This will only cause to increase tensions which need to be stopped.


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