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'Vile hate preacher insults our poppies'

'Vile hate preacher insults our poppies'

Categories: Latest News

Friday November 07 2008

  The Daily Star runs again with its story on poppies this time printing the comments of Anjem Choudary of Al Muhajiroun.

The paper claims Choudary was ‘responding to news that poppy sales were down in areas of the country with a high population of Muslims’ when what is more likely is that he was asked to comment on the item the paper published yesterday.

The paper claims Choudary has urged Muslims not to wear poppies rejecting what he calls ‘British nationalism’.

Why do some newspapers insist on printing the views of individuals whose views are not shared by the vast majority of British Muslims? And if the views of this particular ‘preacher of hate’ are so detestable, why seek them out and publish them in the first place?

Unless of course, the intention all along is to merely use the likes of Anjem Choudary as ‘useful idiots’ to whip up anti-Muslim prejudice amongst the wider population.


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