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UKIP Monmouth candidate probed about EDL tweets

UKIP Monmouth candidate probed about EDL tweets

Categories: Latest News

Wednesday March 11 2015

The South Wales Argus reports on another incident involving alleged support by a UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for the far right English Defence League.

The paper reports that the PPC for Monmouth, Gareth Dunn, allegedly linked to a video of the ex-leader and co-founder of the EDL, Stephen Lennon, speaking at the Oxford Union with the message, “Urge everyone to watch this”.

Dunn is also said to have tweeted a radio link posted by ‘EDL warrior’ and commenting that the clip demonstrated “how Tommy Robinson of EDL fame is viewed across the pond”.

Dunn responded to the paper’s enquiry about the tweets saying, “I completely deplore the EDL and everything it stands for. I was simply recommending the videos because they highlight the fact that this man who achieved much fame by peddling hatred has since fully recognised that he was not only wrong, but that he should dedicate his life to trying to put right the hurt he caused. It is also worth noting, as has already been widely reported in the media, the man who is sometimes known as ‘Tommy Robinson’ has completely recanted his earlier views.”

Whether “recanted” is the right word for Stephen Lennon’s life after the EDL is open to question with some pointing to social media comments he has made since which suggest he hasn’t moved too far away from his earlier Islamophobic statements.

UKIP announced investigations into six candidates earlier this month after various social media postings came to light which suggest sympathy or support for far right organisations. The South Wales Argus also covered the story on UKIP’s former candidate for Newport East, Donald Grewar, who resigned his candidacy after postings on his Facebook page expressing support for the English Defence League were found.


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