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UKIP encounters popular protest on Scottish leg of European campaign

UKIP encounters popular protest on Scottish leg of European campaign

Categories: Latest News

Monday May 12 2014

The Edinburgh Evening News covers Nigel Farage’s latest attempt to extend UKIP’s popularity in the polls in England to north of the border by kicking off the Scottish leg of his European election campaign.

The paper reports on UKIP’s reception in Edinburgh with around 300 people attending a protest and brandishing placards reading “Don’t be used by Ukip” and “No to Ukip’s racist lies”. The paper also notes the support shown to UKIP by the anti-Muslim group Britain First which is reported to have “promis[ed] to use armoured vehicles to “protect” Mr Farage.”

The support by the fringe far right and avowedly anti-Muslim group comes as ongoing reports surface of anti-Muslim, racist and xenophobic views espoused by UKIP candidates standing for seats in the local and European elections this month.

Britain First is contesting seats in the European elections in the Scotland and Wales regions and has already made the anti-Muslim dimension of its campaign patently clear.

The region, which elects 6 MEPs to the European Parliament, polled the lowest combined far right share of the vote in 2009 with parties attracting 5.2% of the vote, compared to double digit showing elsewhere in the UK. The local paper reinforces the low level of support for far right parties noting that UKIP won only 0.91% of vote in the 2011 regional elections for the Scottish Assembly.

Maggie Chapman, Green Party candidate for the Scotland region, attended the counter-protest and addressed the rally saying, “There is no Ukip representation in politics in Scotland. Let’s keep it that way.”

Chris Newlove, of the Stand Up Against Ukip group,the group that organised the protest said “We believe Ukip is a racist party. I think today has gone really well.

“The turnout is really good. From the people I have spoken to, the main issue is that the party is scapegoating.”


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