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UKIP candidate says 'anyone who does not fear Islam is a fool'

UKIP candidate says 'anyone who does not fear Islam is a fool'

Categories: Latest News

Friday May 16 2014

The Guardian draws attention to yet another cause of embarrassment for UKIP after a further candidate was found to have expressed Islamophobic remarks on social media.

John Kearney, the party’s candidate for the local elections for Basingstoke and Dean Borough council this year, wrote the comments on his blog which is dedicated to his Catholic beliefs. On it he wrote, “The real threat now comes from militant Islam who persecute the Church and martyr Christians in a way that reminds us of the early Church.”

“Today we have the rise of Islam and a contempt for human life among a large number of people of that faith. They seek world domination and are more evangelical in their cause than Christians have been in the past 40 years.”

In a blog post added to his page last August, Kearney wrote:

“A new word has arisen in Brainwashed Britain – ‘Islamaphobia’. This is called an unnatural fear of Islam.

“I do not know about unnatural but I would say that anyone who does not fear Islam is a fool.”

Kearney, who stood for UKIP in the 2012 Basingstoke and Dean council elections will be standing again as a third of the council seats come up for election next Thursday.

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage’s claim of the party not being ‘racist’ has been steadily undermined in the weeks running up to the elections as revelations about party members and supporters espousing racist and anti-Muslim views continue to be uncovered.


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