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The Big Question: "Does Britain have a problem with Muslims?"

The Big Question: "Does Britain have a problem with Muslims?"

Categories: Latest News

Tuesday May 17 2011

  The BBC programme “The Big Question” on Sunday asked “Does Britain have a problem with Muslims?”

Watch the panel comprising Dame Anne Leslie, Maajid Nawaz, Director of the Quilliam Foundation; Salma Yaqoob, Respect party councilor at Birmingham Council; and Dr Taj Hargey of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford, debate the question here.

An interesting excerpt from the programme includes Dr Taj Hargey taking issue with Muslims’ sartorial style, speaking of “pajamas” and “unkempt beards”.

Maajid Nawaz counters Hargey’s views arguing that “we shouldn’t be worrying about how people dress.”

Sentiments which contrast with this paragraph contained in the Quilliam Foundation’s launch document from April 2008:

“Encourage students and imams to wear clothes that ensure belonging to mainstream society, and not Pakistani ethnic attire designed for a different climate.  Islam requires modesty, not Arab or Pakistani clothing.”

The panel discussed social conservative attitudes among certain scholars, the role and influence of Saudi-financed teachings on UK Muslims, Islamophobia and integration.


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