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Sunday Express and Islam4UK

Sunday Express and Islam4UK

Categories: Latest News

Monday November 02 2009

  It’s almost par for the course that come this time of year Muslims will suffer the indignity of certain newspapers publishing the rants of extremists thus blackening the image of British Muslims as we approach Remembrance Day.

True to form, the Sunday Express gives up a page to ‘Sheikh’ Anjem Choudary of Islam4UK and his latest harangue on remembering the war dead.

Re-printing comments Choudary makes on the Islam4UK website, the Sunday Express invites various ex-soldiers and veterans to respond to his offensive remarks.

Of comments published is this one from Mr Hoadley, of Swanscombe, Kent, who says: “This man sounds like a crank. Anyone who says this sort of thing is nothing short of stupid and he doesn’t deserve to be given a moment’s notice.”

Indeed. Why then does the Express repeatedly ignore good advice and go in search of Choudary, offering him space for his publicity-seeking diatribes?


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