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Successful nation-wide event sees opening of mosques to thousands of Britons #VisitMyMosque

Successful nation-wide event sees opening of mosques to thousands of Britons #VisitMyMosque

Categories: Latest News

Monday February 19 2018

The weekend witnessed the spectacular return of the nation-wide initiative #VisitMyMosque, facilitated by the Muslim Council of Britain, which saw hundreds of mosques opening their doors and playing host to thousands of Britons.

Major figures of the political spectrum sought to make the most of the event in an effort to challenge the notion of a segregated Britain and address the rising rates of Islamophobia.

Figures included: the Prime Minister, Theresa May; the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan; and the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn MP.

Jeremy Corbyn used the opportunity to address the problem of Islamophobia: “Islamophobia is a real problem in our society, as is other forms of racism like anti-semitism and racism against people of Afro-Caribbean heritage”.

He continued by speaking about his experience of talking to Islamophobic-abuse victims: “I’ve held meetings with Muslim women who have told me horrific stories of routine abuse on our streets. If women are abused because they are wearing a headscarf, then it is a wrong against them and it is a wrong against all of us”.

The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, speaking at Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre and on Facebook, said: “today is a day to increase understanding, celebrate the important role mosques play in bringing the local community together, and in particular, to highlight the major part everybody at this mosque has played in responding to last summer’s devastating Grenfell Tower fire”.

The MP for Kensington, Emma Dent Coad, also expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative: “We must counter hate with love and this is exactly what this initiative is doing”.

Members of the public equally appreciated with one, David, who describes himself as an atheist, saying that it was his first time visiting a mosque. He said: “I wanted to educate myself. It has changed my views. I thought none of them wanted to integrate, but they’re not like that at all. And the food is good”.

A previous poll, by YouGov, found that approximately 90% of Britons had not entered a mosque before.

As such, it is vital that initiatives that call for greater exposure of Britons to mosques are promoted and pursued to overcome common misunderstandings held against the functions of the mosque within the local community and the Islamic faith in general.

If you did not manage to visit your mosque over the weekend, do not worry!

Most mosques have an open door policy throughout the year so you can contact your nearest mosque and still visit.

Mosques which took part in the initiative can be found here.


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