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Singing la-la-la won't make these jihadists go away

Singing la-la-la won't make these jihadists go away

Categories: Latest News

Friday September 12 2008


Writing in the Daily Mail (11 Sept) on the outcome of the trial of Abdullah Ahmed Ali and seven other Muslims who were accused of plotting to blow up transatlantic airliners, and the expected retrial following the jury’s returned verdicts, Richard Littlejohn, remarking on how the jury arrived at their decision, writes:

‘Call me old-fashioned, but if some Islamist nutjob in a jihad headscarf informs me he wants to blow my filthy infidel hide to kingdom come and scatter my body parts to the four winds, I’m prepared to take him at face value.’

He lambasts the media for what he sees as complicity in judicial wooly thinking, ‘[W]hen it comes to the propaganda war, the credulous and the conspiracy theorists are winning, aided and abetted by the ‘liberal’ Press and the broadcast media.’

‘We shouldn’t read too much into their sermons about it being the holy duty of all Muslims to kill Jews, gays and dirty unbelievers. It’s their culture, innit? 

‘When deranged lunatics marched through London bearing placards calling for the beheading and murder of infidels, we were told by the ‘diversity’ brigade that it wasn’t anything to worry about, just a bit of high spirits.

If all else fails, they blame everything on ‘Islamophobia’ or British and American foreign policy – completely disregarding the fact that Captain Hook was recruiting jihadists on the streets of London long before 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq’, he writes.

You can post a comment to the article via the web form at the Mail Online. 


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