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Secular abattoirs are guilty of animal abuse too

Secular abattoirs are guilty of animal abuse too

Categories: Latest News

Friday February 06 2015

The Independent today publishes a letter from a representative of Animal Aid, the charity which earlier this week released film footage of animal abuse at a halal abattoir in Yorkshire.

The letter draws attention to a subject we raised on the type of abuse uncovered by other film footage captured by Animal Aid but not mentioned in the media coverage ensuing from the Bowood Lamb scandal.

Ben Martin, a campaigner with Animal Aid, points to the animal abuse the charity has found in non-halal abattoirs stating:

“A great deal has been made of the fact that the slaughterhouse featured in Animal Aid’s latest undercover investigation was a non-stun, halal operation. However, the cruelty we exposed is by no means limited to businesses conducting religious slaughter.

“Prior to our latest investigation, Animal Aid filmed inside nine randomly selected abattoirs, all of which pre-stunned animals for slaughter. In eight of them we also found vicious and illegal abuse taking place, including animals being tortured with stunning equipment.

“Animal Aid is opposed to bigotry and racism and our complaint with the findings at Bowood Lamb has always been one of animal cruelty, which is rife in all sectors of the slaughter industry. The only way to ensure your food has not suffered before arriving on your plate is to adopt a completely animal-free diet.”

Martin’s letter comes at the Northern Echo newspaper reports on death threats that been received by employees at Bowood Lamb abattoir since the footage was posted to the media.

A spokesperson for the company said “The phone is ringing off the hook with abusive phone calls and there are stacks of letters with death threats. Most of the people who have contacted us are genuinely concerned about the welfare of animals, which we appreciate, we’re responding to that.

“But some of it is very nasty. Its threats against staff, the managers, the place here; everything. A lot of it is turning into pure hatred. Some of the threats say things like: “I hope your kids die and your family dies of cancer.”

The spokesperson added that “the right wing are using it to fuel racism.”

One wonders why journalists covering the report earlier this week did not enquire as to what sort of animal abuse was detected in abattoirs preparing stunned meat, instead of framing the story in a manner that the far right would quite likely exploit?


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