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Schizophrenic man stabs Muslim during his ‘psychotic episode’

Schizophrenic man stabs Muslim during his ‘psychotic episode’

Categories: Latest News

Thursday August 24 2017

The BBC reports that Adrian Brown, 38, was said to have stabbed a Muslim man on the London overground last year because he experienced a “severe psychotic episode”.

Southwark Crown Court clarified that other passengers saved Muhammed Ali’s life.

Mr Brown agrees he carried out the attack but rejects attempted murder on the basis of insanity.

Prosecutor Alan Kent, reported Brown left the hostel he was staying in on 12th December armed with a knife on his way to Honor Oak Park.

He continued Brown was on a mission to find and kill Muslim men.

“He walked up and down the train threatening passengers, threatening death to Muslims while looking for any Muslim men to stab and kill.

“He saw the victim, Mr Muhammed Ali, who was sitting on the train with his wife. The defendant approached Mr Ali, who was sitting down, and repeatedly stabbed him to his head and his body.”

Ali was brutally attacked as he suffered injuries from his head to torso and a punctured lung.

Mr Brown is also suspected of carrying out another knife attack and violating Filipe Dias, who worked at the Hostel. Both incidents are denied on the grounds of insanity.

The court claimed that Mr Brown had become increasingly annoyed with the lack of hot water and set out to threaten Ms. Dias, who had previously confiscated knives from him.

Mr Kent claimed to jurors after attacking Ms Dias, he left reporting “I’m going to kill some Muslims”.

Jurors are to decide whether Mr Brown is innocent or not.

Two psychiatrists have established that he was, in fact, insane at the time of the attack.

The trial continues.


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