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Racist thug who accused Asian taxi driver of carrying out Manchester Arena bombing is jailed

Racist thug who accused Asian taxi driver of carrying out Manchester Arena bombing is jailed

Categories: Latest News

Tuesday August 01 2017

The London Economic reports that a thug has been jailed for accusing an Asian cab driver of being responsible for the terrorist attack in Manchester, and for carrying out a violent attack against him.

Terrence Poxon, 58, racially abused the victim by accusing him of “firebombing kids” and by shouting “guilty” at him. He then pulled out a wooden bat and began hitting the cab, smashing three windows and making dents in the vehicle.

The incident took place on May 28, less than a week after the Manchester Arena bombing. Poxon got in the taxi and, when asked where he wanted to go, he became abusive. He was wearing a Union Jack t-shirt as he intended to parade it around Normanton, Derby. He admitted to be carrying a wooden bat in case someone challenged what he was wearing.

Upon arrest, Poxon showed no remorse, as he confronted the officers by saying “yes, I am being racist”. He also said that he wanted the taxi driver “to feel like the little kids did at the Manchester bomb.”

He admitted racially aggravated public order offence, racially-aggravated criminal damage and threatening a person with an offensive weapon in a public place. The Derby Crown Court Judge Nirmal Shant QC, told him “The victim was doing nothing more than carrying out his job in a law abiding way when you decided you were going to teach him a lesson for something he was not responsible for. Your behaviour was wholly unacceptable.”

Poxon was sentenced to 25 weeks in jail.


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