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Racist stickers appear in Merseyside

Racist stickers appear in Merseyside

Categories: Latest News

Wednesday January 25 2017

The Liverpool Echo reports on the appearance of racist, white supremacist stickers in the Merseyside village of Aintree. 

One of the stickers spotted on a lamppost in the village has a black and white design with a large ‘W’ and crown logo at its centre and features the words ‘WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE’ and ‘SAVE THE WHITE RACE’, on its perimeter.

The stickers appear to be the work of a group called “The Creativity Movement” whose slogan reads “White Racial Loyalty Without Compromise”.

The US-based Southern Poverty Law Center, which documents white supremacists movements and their racist activities, has classified the group as a neo-Nazi organisation which labels Jews and non-whites as “mud races”.

Aintree Village councillor, Anthony Carr, told the Echo that he would not stand for that kind of discrimination in his area.

“I don’t want any discrimination in my ward at all. I really wouldn’t expect it in my ward, I’ve never come across it before. I do not understand why anyone could want to put this up in my area. I just find it appalling,” he said.

The councillor added, “It’s not the British way. The British way of doing things is about stamping out fascism.”

Sefton Council has confirmed it will be removing the stickers and advised people to contact the council or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if any more racist messages or stickers are spotted in the area. 

Inspector Ian Jones from Merseyside Police told the local paper the force would be making enquiries to find those responsible for the stickers.

He said: “These stickers are clearly unacceptable and offensive to our community and we will be conducting enquiries in the area to ensure this is investigated thoroughly.”

This incident comes only two months afterneo-Nazi stickers proclaiming a “Nazi controlled zone” were plastered across Liverpool. The stickers were found on lampposts, doors and pelican crossings around Sefton Park, and were attributed to the far-right group National Action. The appearance of other anti-Muslim, anti-refugee and anti-migrant stickers have also been reported in BlackpoolSouth Shieldsand Warwickshire over the past year. 




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