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“Punish a Muslim Day” suspect arrested for “conspiring and soliciting to commit murder” by Counter Terrorism Police

“Punish a Muslim Day” suspect arrested for “conspiring and soliciting to commit murder” by Counter Terrorism Police

Categories: Latest News

Wednesday June 13 2018

A man from South Lincoln, whose name is being currently withheld, has been arrested by Counter Terrorism Policing North East (CTP NE) and Lincolnshire Police, in connection to the “Punish a Muslim Day” letters that surfaced in early March 2018.

The letters called for people to carry out horrific and indiscriminate abuse against Muslims, presenting it as a game where one receives points depending on the severity of abuse. The suggestions range from throwing “acid in face of a Muslim” for 50 points and burning or bombing Mosque for 1000 points.

As well as being delivered to households, a number of Muslim MPs were targeted by the letters, which were also dipped in “low-level noxious substances”. Recipients of the letter included: Ms Rupa Huq, MP, Ms Rushanara Ali MP, Mr Mohammad Yasin MP, Mr Afzal Khan MP and Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, the current Home Secretary.

According to Chief Superintendent Wasim Chaudhry of the Greater Manchester Police, the man from Lincoln is currently being held on suspicion of:

  • Sending a hoax noxious substance under section 114(1)(a) and (3) of the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001.
  • Sending letters/communications/articles conveying a threatening message, contrary to section 1(1)(a) and (4) Malicious Communications Act 1988.
  • And conspiring and soliciting to commit murder, contrary to section 4 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861.

The man is currently being held in West Yorkshire for further questioning, whilst searches are being conducted in a residential and commercial property in South Lincoln.

In a statement, Mr Chaudhry said: “We understand that people may be concerned following this activity. However, we would like to reassure communities that this activity is a result of an ongoing, intelligence led investigation and was not in response to an immediate threat. A team of specialist officers from Counter Terrorism Policing North East, assisted by colleagues across the UK have been working on the investigation”.

He further added: “Those affected by hate crime can rest assured that we and our partners take such investigations extremely seriously and are avidly committed to seeking justice in all circumstances”.

CEO of MEND, Dr Shazad Amin, has responded to the arrest, stating: “MEND heartily welcomes the arrest and applaud the work Counter Terrorism Policing North East and their colleagues have done over the months in leading to this arrest. While we await the conclusion of the investigation, we remind British Muslims not to be disheartened nor discouraged by the small minority who wish to sow fear and division within our society. This is a time for communities to come together and celebrate diversity in an atmosphere of support and respect, to do any less falls directly into the trap of hatred that this small minority wishes to promote.”



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