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Press Release: Man convicted on 4 June for racially aggravated assault for verbally and physically attacking a Muslim woman on 21 March 2018.

Press Release: Man convicted on 4 June for racially aggravated assault for verbally and physically attacking a Muslim woman on 21 March 2018.

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Tuesday June 12 2018

Mrs Maya Ali was made victim to racial and physical abuse as she walked along Doncaster High St at around 4-4:15pm on the 21st of March 2018 when Mr Martin Currie, without any provocation, verbally abused Mrs Ali by calling her a P*** and violently slapped her.

Mr Currie has been handed down a 12-week suspended sentence for 12 months and was ordered to pay compensation of £300.

Speaking after the verdict, Mrs Ali said:

“After learning of the verdict, I neither feel happy nor displeased. I just wish the incident had never taken place. I hope Mr Martin truly reflects upon his actions, seeks all the support available to him and builds better community relations. I would like him to know I have forgiven him and he remains in my prayers. However, it is by far one of the most horrific experiences I have endured and the memory of it will no doubt remain with me for the remainder of my life.

The continuous love and support from my husband, friends and associates from all diverse backgrounds are helping me restore my faith in humanity. I am grateful for all the help that has been offered by my employer and local organisations. I would particularly like to thank Reverend Thomas McCready, Shaykh Abdalhaqq Bewley, Mr Abu Bakr Carberry and MEND for all their love and support.

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to South Yorkshire Police; they have treated me with the utmost respect and have continued to maintain communication throughout the entire period”.

Noting the importance of speaking out, Mrs Ali added:

“Finally, I would like to convey a message, it is utterly unacceptable to suffer in silence; if one is a victim of such crime they should inform the local authorities, seek help to improve their mental health and well-being. We all need to be more proactive in our communities, converse with one another often, learn to trust each other and spend more time together.”

MEND’s Yorkshire & Humber Regional Manager, Shahab Adris, responded to the outcome saying:

“An incident like this can shake someone up to the core as it has done so to Mrs Ali. This incident will most likely remain with Mrs Ali for a very long time and it shows how significant any type of hate crime can be on victims. On the other hand, we are delighted with the speed with which South Yorkshire Police and the Courts have responded and have clearly demonstrated that no hate crime based on ethnicity or race will be tolerated. We wish Mrs Ali the best and pray nothing like this occurs again”.




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