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Press Release: Letters calling for ‘Punish a Muslim Day Part 2’ received by households in Rotherham.

Press Release: Letters calling for ‘Punish a Muslim Day Part 2’ received by households in Rotherham.

Categories: Latest News

Thursday May 31 2018

Less than two months after the original “Punish a Muslim Day” at the beginning of April, households in Rotherham have received letters calling for “Punish a Muslim Day Part 2”.

The letter follows similar structure to its predecessor and attempts to justify its call for terrorist abuse against Muslims, followed by a suggested list of increasingly horrific examples of violence .

The letter states:

Firstly, thank you to all those who participated, or who were thinking of participating in the previous Punish a Muslim day. You’re awesome! I know there weren’t that many of you and your commitment was deliberately ignored by the media, but the seed has been planted and y’all know how big things can grow from the small.

So you think those Islamic cockroaches have won right? I think not! The time for bloody retribution has arrived.

The have committed so many vile crimes against the superior white race, here are just a few examples:

Liverpool, UK, Muslim gang rampaged through city attacking random white people.

Fresno, US, Muslims shoot 3 white men

Rochdale, UK, Muslims gang raped 47 innocent little girls over many years

Boston, US, Muslims bombed innocent marathon participants

San Bernardino, US, Muslim shoots 14 dead and injures 22

Manchester, UK, Muslim bombs innocent young people at music concert

London, UK, Muslim runs over and stabs innocent people

Orlando, US, Muslim shoots 49 dead and injures 53

Would you like to teach them a lesson they will never forget, and feel good in the process?

Just choose from the list of punishments below, pop into a charity shop on your local High Street or online, and donate the amount indicated. Then have fun carrying out the act. It’s that simple!”

The letter continues by listing a number of horrific violent actions suggested to be conducted against Muslims and gives a monetary value for each act.

Examples include

  • £0.50 for “spit[ting] in the face of the Muslim”,
  • £32.00 for “forc[ing] 2 Muslims to fight each other to the death, or set the dogs on them
  • and £128.00 for “Assasinat[ing] the Muslim politician, actor, comedian, café owner, or other leading figure and displace the head on a pole”.

MEND is making further inquiries into the issue and will provide updates as and when further information is received.

MEND urges the police and authorities to do the utmost to ensure the perpetrator(s) are brought to justice. It is not helpful that many months later the organiser(s) of the last vile letter have still not been caught.

If you receive this letter, please try to limit the amount of handling of the letter to preserve evidence and immediately report it to the police and MEND’s Islamophobia Response Unit (IRU) here

Anyone who believes they are in immediate should contact the police as soon as possible on 999. If you are not in immediate danger, or if you have suffered a hate crime in the past, then you can report it using the non-emergency number 101.

You can also – in addition to the police – report any Islamophobic hate crime to MEND’s Islamophobia Response Unit (IRU) here. This allows us to monitor levels of abuse and compile accurate data on the levels of Islamophobia.

The IRU can also help you contact and deal with the police (if you choose to do so), and signpost you towards free legal advice and emotional support that may be available.

Notes for Editors

  • MEND’s manifesto calls for the UK’s leading political parties to commit to a series of pledges on issues important to British Muslims, including extending legal coverage for religious hate crime offences and preserving the Human Rights Act and protecting minority rights following the UK’s decision to leave the EU.
  • MEND’S IRU (Islamophobia Reporting Unit) works with victims of Islamophobia in both civil and criminal matters, ensuring a just resolution of matters.
  • MEND’s work has been commended by the World Economic Forum and EU’s Parliament Magazine
  • MEND works with the Crown Prosecution Service, police forces, schools and communities across the UK to tackle Islamophobia
  • MEND is a not-for-profit company that helps to empower and encourage British Muslims within local communities to be more actively involved in British media and politics.
  • For more information, contact MEND Press: [email protected]

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