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Police launch investigation into Muslim councillor “beheading” threat

Police launch investigation into Muslim councillor “beheading” threat

Categories: Latest News

Wednesday May 18 2016

The Chronicle reports on the launch of a police investigation into a suspected hate crime after local councillor, Dipu Ahad, filmed footage of a man allegedly making a “beheading” threat at a far right protest in Byker, Newcastle last Saturday.

Councillor Ahad was with anti-racism group Newcastle Unites, countering the protest by the North East Infidels when the incident happened.

Councillor Ahad captured the footage on his phone and shared it with the local paper.

He said, “I was at the back then I came towards the front and they started pointing at me.”

“This guy’s gestures were very clear,” he added, referring to the alleged gesture by a protestor mimicking a beheading.

Councillor Ahad told the paper that he did not think to report the incident to the police.

It was the Chronicle’s sharing of the footage with Northumbria Police that prompted the launch of an investigation. A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “Enquiries will be carried out into this incident and we will take any appropriate action that is required.”

Councillor Ahad told the paper that he was accustomed to receiving abuse. He said: “At the time with the adrenalin and everything it didn’t seem that bad. But that night I watched the video back and the more and more I watched it the more disturbing it was. It does make you very nervous.”


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