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‘NHS Told to Cap Spending at £800m as Government Gives £480m Aid to Pakistan’

‘NHS Told to Cap Spending at £800m as Government Gives £480m Aid to Pakistan’

Categories: Latest News

Monday December 15 2008

The BNP continues its campaign for the European elections in 2009 reporting that the government is to pledge £480 million in aid to Pakistan as the NHS is forced to cut back on its expenditure due to funding shortages.

“Our aim is to continue to help improve poor people’s lives in key areas, making sure they have access to better healthcare, schools and employment opportunities”, said Douglas Alexander, the International Development Secretary as he unveiled the aid package for Pakistan at Glasgow Central mosque.

The BNP notes, in characteristic style, that “Mr Alexander’s obsession with improving people’s lives and making sure that they have better access to healthcare, obviously do not extend to British people.”

The party’s campaign to drive a wedge between communities in Britain by spinning stories in this way is not without impact. Among comments posted on the BNP site concerning this story are the following:

‘Douglas Alexander, the UK international development secretary and Labour MP, said the money for Pakistan ”is intended to help increase security in border regions and focus on education and health…..help ease the suffering of the 36 million poor people in Pakistan” no it isn’t it’s about trying to bribe the Muslim community here in Britain to vote fot Labour at the next General Election, Labour doesn’t give a dam (sic) about it’s own citizens in Britain, they really expect us to believe that they care about Pakistani citizens in a far-a-way land ? NOTHING this Government does is done without asessing it’s potential impact at the Ballot box, this has been done as a cynical attempt to sweeten up Muslim voters in Britain with taxpayers money…’

‘People, don’t get angry get even. VOTE BNP.’

‘Who says religious violence and terrorism doesn’t pay? It works for Pakistan, it works for all Muslims who now get lucrative “careers” spreading their primitive religion.’


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