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Nazi vandalism in Cardiff the work of racist ‘System Resistance Network’ group

Nazi vandalism in Cardiff the work of racist ‘System Resistance Network’ group

Categories: Latest News

Monday March 26 2018

The racist System Resistance Network has taken responsibility for Nazi graffiti that was spotted in Cardiff a few weeks ago on the 16th of March 2018.

On the controversial media site Gab, the far-right network posted images of the vandalism accompanied by the message:

“Our propaganda at your March and meeting places

“We’re taking names and remembering faces

“Zero tolerance for non-white races!

“Love from the System Resistance Network”.

The vandalism included swastikas, the phrase “Nazi zone” and highly offensive posters.

Stand Up To Racism condemned the graffiti and said: “We are shocked and appalled to hear that someone has spray painted racist graffiti at Grange Garden in Cardiff overnight”.

The organisation added: “Sadly, we are not surprised at this latest act of aggression towards migrants and Muslims in particular in our city. Our experience is that the majority of ordinary people in Cardiff and South Wales are welcoming and accepting of diverse cultures…Cardiff is a diverse and multi-cultural city since its birth, built on over a hundred years of immigration from Ireland, the Caribbean, Somalia, Portugal, China, Italy and countless other places”.

Chief Inspector Mr Joe Henderson-Jones of South Wales Police said: “Cardiff is a modern, vibrant and safe multi-cultural city where people of different religions, faiths and cultures live side by side in peaceful harmony…The vandalism of public buildings with such abhorrent racist graffiti is totally unacceptable criminal behaviour and it will not be tolerated”.

The neo-Nazi group, System Resistance Network, has been associated with calls for a “white revolution” previously.

Ms Zareen Taj, the Secretary of the Muslim Women’s Association of Edinburgh, said: “The SRN are a sinister product of the growing normalisation of Islamophobic hate and anti-refugee rhetoric that has been sweeping Europe over the last few years…It is clear that it is time to close down any self-professed Nazi group immediately so that their poisonous lies and hate messages do not add to the disinformation already prevalent in our media; this only sows seeds of discord and divides our diverse communities”.

Mr Stephen Doughty, the MP for Cardiff South and Penarth, said: “I don’t want to speculate on the origin of the posters given the ongoing investigation but I have taken a very firm line against all extremist organisations and the deceitful methods by which a number of them attempt to brand themselves in order to evade prosecution”.

He added: “Should it become clear that those responsible have links to any proscribed organisation we would expect the police and relevant authorities to take the firmest action possible, but I also regularly urge Home Office ministers to keep the rapidly evolving world of extremist organisations and the different names and disguises they use under review”.


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