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Muslim women abused in Hull shopping centre

Muslim women abused in Hull shopping centre

Categories: Latest News

Wednesday January 04 2017

On 27 December, three Muslim women confronted a man who allegedly called them “f***ing p***s” in a busy shopping centre in Hull. Footage from the incident filmed on a mobile phone was later posted on YouTube by one of the victims and was posted on the Mail Online website last week. It shows the women confronting the man, who is shielding his face from the camera, threatening to “name and shame him.”

The three women can be heard getting increasingly angry with the man, pushing his face as he edged closer towards them. The man in question swore at the women and tried to grab the phone on which the incident was being recorded.

One of the three women said to the man “Are you on crack? You can’t even speak English properly and you say you’re from England.”

The man, who was accused of being drunk, tried to strike one of the victims. A blonde woman who accompanied him tried to restrain him and later apologised to the three women for the man’s behaviour.

Another woman was also said to have intervened telling the abused victims, “You two need to walk away and button it, just walk away, you’re making it worse.”

The video ends with another man and a security guard separating the two groups.

The footage was posted online on the day of the incident. One of the three female victims wrote: “Me and my two sisters were walking with my nine-year-old nephew yesterday in Hull city centre at around 3.30pm when a drunken man gave us a dirty look and called us a f****** P’ in front of everyone! None of the bystanders did anything. This guy was pushing and coming at us to hit us!”

She acknowledged that “His wife apologised and tried to stop this.”

It is not clear from the news reports whether the incident was reported to the police.


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