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Muslim mother hits back at non-halal school meals by attaching 'halal only' badges to children's uniform

Muslim mother hits back at non-halal school meals by attaching 'halal only' badges to children's uniform

Categories: Latest News

Friday September 26 2014

The Daily Mail and Metro report on a Muslim mother who has decided to protest her dismay at a primary school that has fed her children non-halal meals ‘a good few times’ by sticking ‘halal only’ badges to her childrens’ school uniforms.

Henna Khan told the paper, “I really didn’t know what to do anymore.

“We have counted this happening on eight or nine occasions. They have only been attending Woodside Academy for over a year and a half now and yet this has happened a good few times.”

Ms Khan pointed out that her children have been offered ham and crackers in the classroom and jelly sweets containing gelatine despite her notifying the school of their dietary requirements.

“My children are not the only pupils who eat halal food, which makes me wonder how many others have been given meals by mistake? What if they had allergies?

“The signs are the only way, other than a packed lunch, that I know my children will not be given non-Halal meals.

“The “Halal only” signs on the uniforms are a protest by me and my children, which is what I told the head teacher and that it will continue for as long as it takes,” she added.

The school, Woodside Academy, has said it will look into the matter though Ms Khan maintains that a similar response has been offered on each occasion her children have been fed non-halal food.

Mistakes of this nature have been occurred in schools elsewhere including cases of Muslim schoolchildren being fed bacon after a jar of halal chicken spread was incorrectly labelled; pork DNA found in halal meals supplied to certain schools in Leicester; non halal food supplied to pupils at a school in Birmingham and pork DNA found in halal chicken sausages served at a primary school in West London.


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