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Muslim Man escorted off a plane for harmless mention of 9/11

Muslim Man escorted off a plane for harmless mention of 9/11

Categories: Latest News

Thursday August 10 2017

Graduate Mohammad Khan, from Cricklewood, North London, says he was escorted off a plane to Atlanta by the police after a “massive overreaction” by cabin crew who “racially and religiously profiled” him.
The 26 year old, who was on his way to an interview for a business internship in Medellin, Columbia, said the action followed him talking to an air stewardess and another passenger while the plane was taxiing on the runway.
According to Mr Khan, a business and language graduate from Middlesex University, the passenger, who he had not met before, complained about security checks at the airport.
Mr Khan reported: I innocently said ‘there’s been more security since 9/11’, then asked the stewardess ‘I bet your job has changed since 9/11’, but she looked stunned.”
He said the flight was immediately asked to be turned around and taxied to the terminal, where he was escorted off the plane by police officers.
A letter from his solicitors states that he wasn’t formally interviewed by police, who confirmed what he said was a “misunderstanding” but Virgin denied him access back on to the flight, on January 8th last year.
He was denied a refund of £560 and spent a total of £817 on alternative flights with a different airline to continue his journey.
He has been battling for compensation in the last 18 months since this occurred.
His legal team agreed to a final letter demanding £5,000 plus legal costs.
If the demand is not met he said he will sue for breach of contract and discrimination in the county court.
Mr Khan claimed: “I was racially and religiously profiled. It was a complete overreaction to completely innocent and harmless comments. I know this would not have happened if I was a white man in his 60s who had done the same thing.”
“It totally ruined my trip and I felt humiliated. I was made to feel like a criminal. I’ve suffered from anxiety since because of how the incident made me feel and had to see a doctor about it.”
A spokesperson for Virgin Atlantic reported: “We can confirm that a passenger was escorted from flight VS103 on 8th Jan 2016 by Police after multiple customers and crew reported hearing highly inappropriate comments concerning security.
“This is not a decision we take lightly and although such security events are rare, we have a responsibility to report them to the relevant authorities to ensure the safety and security of our aircraft, customers and crew. Our team has been in regular contact with Mr Khan and his lawyers, and we have offered to refund his flights.”
Mr Khan is the most recent passenger to voice his concerns of ill treatment on aircraft due to “racist” security concerns.

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