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Muslim Hero Catches Trio Attacking White Christians in Liverpool

Muslim Hero Catches Trio Attacking White Christians in Liverpool

Categories: Latest News

Friday August 04 2017

The Independent reports that a Muslim man has helped catch a gang who were seen to be attacking ‘white Christians’ in Liverpool.

35 year old Edris Nosrati was on his way home with friends when he noticed three young men attacking individuals by asking them if they were Muslim or a Christian. If they responded with the latter, the men went on to physically attack them. When he saw an attack on a man who was walking along with his girlfriend, Nosrati, of Iranian descent, went on to approach them and was questioned on his beliefs. He responded by saying he was a Muslim and was then asked to say a ‘Muslim word’. He recited the Shahada which is a declaration affirming his belief in God being one and that Prophet Muhammad is His messenger. Nosrati feared the men were supporters of ISIS due to their behaviour and the language they used.

Nosrati went on to follow the trio and called the police when he saw them target another man by punching him in the face and filming the attack on a phone. They had assaulted six people by the time the police had arrived.

Amin Mohmed, 24, Mohammed Patel, 20 and Faruq Patel, 19 were drunk yobs, who went on to commit unnecessary acts or violence whilst in a drunken manner. Mohmed explained he did not remember the rampage because he was too drunk and Mohammed Patel claimed it was the fault of other men whom were racially abusing them.

All three men have now been sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court after having their homes raided in Bolton following the incident. Mohmed was jailed for 42 weeks, with Mohammaed Patel and Faruq Patel receiving 42 and 18 weeks in a younger offenders institution.


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