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Muslim artist abused and exhibit damaged after woman allegedly tells her “you don’t belong here”

Muslim artist abused and exhibit damaged after woman allegedly tells her “you don’t belong here”

Categories: Latest News

Friday July 01 2016

The London Evening Standard reports on an alleged racist incident at the Royal College of Art yesterday where Muslim artist, Yasmeen Sabri, was exhibiting her ‘Walk a Mile in her Veil’ exhibition.
Sabri, whose art exhibition includes a display showing a mannequin in a burqa, said the woman “came in off the street and started insulting me”.
Sabri alleges the woman said “you don’t belong here” and told her “to go back to Saudi Arabia, even though I’m Jordanian.”
Sabri said the woman damaged her burqa display before security intervened and escorted her off the premises.
Sabri, who uses art as a means to break down cultural barriers and takes people in walks while wearing the veil in order to “destigmatise the garment” said she thought the post-Brexit environment had emboldened people to commit acts of racism.
She said, “I don’t know if this is because of Brexit that people feel it’s ok to be violent towards people like this.”
“I’ve been living in London for six years and I’ve never experienced anything like this,” she said.
“I know my work is controversial and provocative and I don’t mind it being critiqued. But I was really shocked and speechless. I was really scared,” she added.
The Metropolitan Police confirmed officers were called to the Royal College of Art in Kensington yesterday, 30 June, at 7.45pm.
A 69 year old woman was detained on suspicion of criminal damage and inciting racial hatred. She has been remanded into custody.

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