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MPs to back Parliament motion to publish Chilcot report "in weeks"

MPs to back Parliament motion to publish Chilcot report "in weeks"

Categories: Latest News

Monday January 12 2015

The Sunday Telegraph reports on moves by a group of MPs to push for the publication of the much-delayed and eagerly awaited Chilcot Inquiry report into the UK’s involvement in the US-led war in Iraq in a “matter of weeks”.

The report, which last week was the subject of a Lords debate prompted by a question by Lords Dykes and during which Lord Hurd decried the delay as “a scandal”, may be delayed until after the general election if the Government misses the pre-purdah window ending on 30 March.

The Sunday Telegraph reports, “On Tuesday Mr Davis and Mr Baker will make a formal request to the Commons backbench business committee for time to debate a motion “calling on Chilcot to report within a matter of weeks”.

“A third lead sponsor of the motion is Fabian Hamilton, a Labour MP. A further 12 MPs have also put their names to the move, including Dominic Grieve, the Tory former attorney general, and Kate Hoey, another Labour MP.”

The Chilcot Inquiry ceased its hearings in 2011 but has since been mired in delays caused by the declassification of official communications, includingcommunications between then PM, Tony Blair and US President, George Bush. Expediting publication of the report has been fuelled by the revelationscontained in the US Senate’s intelligence committee’s report into torture techniques used by the CIA. Disclosure and transparency over the UK’s alleged complicity in the use of torture has been open to speculation with the Chilcot Inquiry expected to shed some light on the subject.


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