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Mother who lost unborn twins in alleged racist attack wants to move home

Mother who lost unborn twins in alleged racist attack wants to move home

Categories: Latest News

Tuesday October 04 2016

The MK Citizen reports that the Somali Muslim female who lost her unborn twins in an alleged racist attack is so fearful over her safety and that of her children, that the family are seeking help from a councillor to be rehoused in another area.

The woman who was verbally abused and “kicked to the ground” in an alleged racist assault in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, on 6 August lost her twins weeks after the incident.

Councillor Mohammed Khan told the local paper the woman and family have been left “traumatised” by the experience and he is assisting with their re-housing. The alleged attacker is said to live nearby, less than a mile from the family’s home.

He said: “They worry about the children, they worry the attacker can come to the house and do other things.

“I would do the same if I were them, they’ve been through trauma and this guy he’s a monster, he’s really a bad man.”

The paper further notes that the woman’s 40 year old husband has abandoned his job as a taxi driver to stay and home and reassure his wife.

In an interview with the same paper last month, the husband who has not been named said, “Our lives have been ruined. My wife does not stop crying now and she is too scared to ever go out of the house, and she is worried that when I go, I’m not going to come back.”

Thames Valley police arrested a 37 year old man from Bletchley on September 14 on suspicion of racially aggravated assault but no charges have been brought and the man has been bailed to return on 3 November.


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