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Mosques ‘fail to tackle extremists’ claim Quilliam Foundation

Mosques ‘fail to tackle extremists’ claim Quilliam Foundation

Categories: Latest News

Tuesday February 24 2009

Determined not to allow the Charity Commission’s report of the good services provided by mosques in Britain to be fully appreciated, the Home Office funded outfit, the Quilliam Foundation, has released a report of its own, ‘Mosques Made in Britain’, claiming that:
  • 97 per cent of imams (clerics) in Britain’s mosques are from overseas
  • forty-four per cent of mosques do not hold the lecture before Friday Prayers in English, making it difficult for young British Muslims to access weekly guidance at mosques; and
  • nearly half of Britain’s mosques do not have facilities for Britain’s Muslim women, depriving half the community of access to public spaces.

Ed Husain promoted his foundation’s findings with a comment piece in The Times in which he writes:

‘Almost all mosques are controlled by first-generation immigrant men, leaving most British Muslims – women and young people – out of the management structure.’

It is difficult to square QF’s findings with the Charity Commission’s report on facilities for Muslim youth. The CC survey shows that young people are well-represented with over 52 per cent of mosques having people aged 18-30 as trustees or holding management responsibility.

Husain writes:

‘Most British Muslims are under 25. When, like me, they have questions about identity, belonging, values, and religion, their local mosque leadership is futile.’

As Husain ought to know, mosques are not the sole agents of socialization in the life of a Muslim and Muslim youngsters explore their identity, their religion and a myriad of other issues through a wide range of forums; family, school, peer groups, social networking sites etc. The mosque is one of many areas in which individuals learn and mature. To claim that inadequacies in the mosque sector has such profound consequences is to ignore the very many Muslim organisations that exist in Britain and which provide forums that supplement the mosque as agents of socialisation.

‘By importing cheap imams from poor, intellectually deprived and theologically conservative places mosques put young Britons in the hands of men who do not have the linguistic or cultural backgrounds to deal with modern Britain. Little wonder, then, that many young Muslims turn to radical university Islamic societies, extremist websites, and Hamas-supporting groups in Britain for “religious guidance”.’

Ed once again reveals his Zionist ties here. The Quilliam Foundation has ever since its formation last year been vigorously promoted by pro-Israel commentators and needs to regularly show that they are on-message. 

Of course, the truth of the matter is that the mosques that are the most advanced in ensuring that English lectures are provided and that youth and women in particular are allowed the proper space and facilities to get involved in the running of mosques are actually administered by the very organisations that Ed and his Quilliam Foundation have been so loudly vilifying as ‘Islamists’! 

No, the QF’s true function has long been apparent. It is to lay the blame for ‘extremism’ on the Muslim community in Britain and its main institutions while covering up the key role played by the government’s own misguided foreign policies. In return the QF are given large amounts of taxpayers money. How sweet.


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