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Met investigate ‘Batman’ taunts at Muslim woman in west London

Met investigate ‘Batman’ taunts at Muslim woman in west London

Categories: Latest News

Tuesday April 05 2016

The London Evening Standard and IB Times report on an investigation launched by the Metropolitan Police Service after a Muslim woman who wears a face veiluploaded video footage onto YouTube of a man verbally abusing her in a sweet shop in west London.

Ahlam Saed, 25, shared the film footage showing the man accosting her at the shop in Uxbridge as she dropped in to buy some sweets. The footage shows the man approach Ms Saed calling her “Batman” and shouting “My kids can’t even see your face, who the f*** are you? Are you a man or woman?”

He told Ms Saed, “This is a Christian country. Christian, western world.”

The aggressor can be heard telling his children to say whatever they wanted to Ms Saed because she “won’t understand English anyway”.

His foul-mouthed tirade continued in front of his own young children who can be heard crying in the background.

Ms Saed initially said that she did not report the incident to the police because it would be a “waste of my time” but officers at Hammersmith and Fulham station have now appealed for witnesses to come forward and help them with their inquiries into the suspected hate crime.

Ms Saed, who has since been contacted by police officers about the incident, told the LES, “I spoke up for what I thought was right.”

“I would have done it for anyone else. I spoke up for what I believed in, and I suppose people must agree.”

She added: “I hope the next person will think twice before assuming everyone who wears a face veil does not speak a word of English.”


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