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Lottery winner linked to online race-hate messages

Lottery winner linked to online race-hate messages

Categories: Latest News

Tuesday March 25 2014

The Daily Mirror draws attention to the Sunday’s People’s revelation about recent Euromillions lottery winner, Neil Trotter, who has been linked to a string of abhorrent race hate messages online including some supporting the British National Party.

The comments were written under the username ‘Chameleon’, the name of Trotter’s car business – Chameleon Coachworks. According to the Daily Mirror, ‘Chameleon’ has also regularly signed off posts as “Neil”.

There have been nearly 400 messages posted under the Chameleon username since March 2009 with a good many of them littered with expletives, and racist remarks. All the offensive messages remain accessible.

In one race-hate rant, a user ‘col_cos1’, wrote in a thread “I’d love to slit everyone of them ear-to-ear”.

‘Col_cos1’ later posted another vile message directly to a Muslim forum user saying“your f*****g scumbags and the sooner this country trys to get powers to get yous all out the better.

“Your proud to be a P**i so why not f*****g stay there?…oops i forgot the british will give you a house for your 17 kids.”

‘Chameleon’ replied stating: “lower the uk’s carbon immission’s (sic) vote bnp and get rid of the s**t.”

‘Chameleon’ indignantly told fellow users of the website that: “Your not going to vote for the bnp because of what has been in the press telling you not to……..takes b*****ks to stand up and be counted.

“Just vote for the norm and let your kid’s enjoy the f****d country you have left them…just hope you can look them in the eye and tell them you did what you thought was right..”

‘Chameleon’ also wrote: “Think im going to vote bnp…grandad was tank commander ww2, nothing racist about wanting to protect britain against millions of people comming to live here. Look at the country bled dry…….. if ya names not down your not comming in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

‘Chameleon’ appeared to support a far right and hate-filled message that said “Lets hope that one day the BNP will get the chance to sort this country out.

“There views and values are spot on and its about f*****g time they take over.

“It amazes me how people in this country get up in arms when a political party such as the BNP talk about getting rid of the immigrants and then the same people are disgusted when someone is stabbed to death on the streets of this country. WELL GUESS WHO’S CARRYING OUT THESE MURDERS!?!”

‘Chameleon’ responded by posting: “watch crimewatch”.

In yet another post, ‘Chameleon’ added: “i have seen a lot here because croydon has immagration office…have been guilty of sending a few to brighton instead lol.”


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