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Liberty GB activist on C4: “Take in a Syrian refugee, I hope you don’t get raped”

Liberty GB activist on C4: “Take in a Syrian refugee, I hope you don’t get raped”

Categories: Latest News

Thursday February 09 2017

The Mirror reports on the “shocking rant” by far-right activist Jack Buckby during a Channel 4 News debate about the “Alt-Right” on Wednesday, 8 February.

During the discussion, Buckby pulled out a refugee application form and addressing a member of the National Union of Students’ Black Students’ Campaign, Barbara Ntumy said: “You know what, put your money where your mouth is – Syrian refugees application form. 

“Take one home, take in a Syrian refugee. I hope you don’t get raped.”

Buckby’s comments prompted “gasps” in the studio. Ntumy reacted with shock at his comments and was “briefly left open-mouthed”. The Mirror states “a male voice elsewhere in the studio could be heard exclaiming “Oh my God”.”

Buckby is a member of political party Liberty GB and stood in the European parliamentary election in 2014 for the party. He also stood as a candidate in the Batley and Spen by-election following the shocking murder of Labour MP Jo Cox last June. He received just 220 votes out of more than 20,000 cast in the election, which was not contested by the other mainstream parties out of respect for Ms Cox. 

Liberty GB is a noted “anti-Islamisation party” which was set up by former UKIP member and parliamentary candidate, Paul Weston, in 2013. In a manifesto published by the party in that same year, it proposed to: “Oppose the Islamisation of Britain; Prohibit all manifestations of sharia law and all dissemination and advocacy of sharia law; Abolish sharia courts where they exist; Ban the Islamic call to prayer and worship in shared public spaces such as streets or car parks; Outlaw shariah-compliant financial instruments; and Declare that Islam is incompatible with 21st century, secular, liberal democracy.”


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